Levantine Hill Chardonnay

Our Chardonnay profoundly reclaims body, flavour and palate-weight co-existing with structure, texture and restrained acidity. Complex fruit characters of white nectarine, saffron, Pink Lady apple, chamomile flower, cashews and Leatherwood honey work in concert with a tactile interplay of chalk, silkiness and Beurre Bosc pear-like texture. Subtle acidity provides the backbone conveying the fruit and weight to a resounding finish.
We hand harvest, hand sort and hand plunge all our grapes. They are cared for by the most dedicated of human hands. During vintage, our grapes are picked in small parcels, only when the fruit is perfectly ripe.
Availability - April 2016
Alcohol - 13.5%
Cellaring - 10 years
$480 / 6 x 750ml

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11 Apr 2019

By Levantine Hill
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